Meat products sector

The Tripes Pavilion

Your professional journey continues with the Meat Products sector, starting with tripes and guts, also known as "quarters of nobility". Here, you will be able to observe the traditional French gastronomy and attend the incredible show of the "head breakers", true knife virtuosos with exceptional skills and savoir-faire, who will cut and skin a calf's head right before your eyes.

The Poultry and Game Pavilion

Inside the Poultry and Game Pavilion, you will be witnessing impressive logistics where thousands of packages, carts and pallet trucks intersect in an incredible ballet. Inside this striking building, wholesalers sell their goods among daily buyers circling around the immense variety of products.

Step 4 - The Meat Pavilion

Finally, enter the heart of the largest meat trade in the world: the meat carcass building! Wrapped up in front of these trains of beef ribs and perfectly aligned carcasses of calves and lambs, you will learn how to choose quality meat and discover a unique organization in the world, enabled by the principle of meat traceability.